They say parenting is the hardest job ever, but let’s establish a pecking order anyway

They say parenting is the hardest job ever, but let’s establish a pecking order anyway

I’m writing this blog post from my easy chair. It’s where I sit and enjoy my easy life.  I’m a stay-at-home mom (sort of) so I have it easy. Apparently.

Or am I a work-at-home mom? I do have a part-time job that is done from home for 4.5 years now, though I still identify myself as a SAHM for some reason. But that’s neither here nor there because I still have it easy. Comparatively.


Sorry. I had to stop and eat a few bonbons, swallow some Xanax for shits and giggles (because what do I know of stress? I don’t commute!) and then Twitter from the iPhone I don’t need since I don’t have a “real” job that pays the bills.

(my job provides fun money, if you call saving for everyone’s birthdays fun.)

Recently there was a vlog by a mom blogger group site I won’t link because I’m a bitch like that who only does easy (and I don’t want to send traffic.) But this interview-style vlog was about how hard working moms have it and apparently didn’t have a proper demographic representation of all working mothers. It was just work-at-home elite mom bloggers who, if you didn’t know, have it easier than work-out-of-home moms. Or so I’ve heard.

This caused a couple of other bloggers to write posts on the topic, but again, I’m a bitch who likes it easy and looking up and hyperlinking other places isn’t all that easy.  It takes like a whole extra four clicks.

But I’m going summarize for you.  You may be like me and like the easy life, so I’m going to break the hierarchy down for you to make it easy.

SAHM – EASY, not a real job because it doesn’t pay bills, which is the definition of a real job.

WAHM – HARDER, a real job since it pays bills but still not as hard because there’s no commute and you get to spend more than 30 minutes a day with your children. Flexibility negates the screaming children in the background of a conference call.

WOHM – HARDEST!  Gone from children all day long, must leave when child is sick. Bosses. Deadlines. Papers. HARD!

I’m going to give it to WOHMs and say yes, they probably have it hardest. I know and have known many WOHMs and have seen how it goes. Do you know what it means to be a WOHM? It means you’re a SAHM with an outside job because, unless you’re married to an exceptional man, the woman is still required to take care of the vast majority of housework and family obligations while doing her outside job too.

That fucking sucks ass. And the inequality of it pisses me off.

Do you ever wonder why that it is? Why the division of home life is still unevenly divvied up to the woman, even if she works 40+ hours a week too?

If the role of a SAHM is “easy,” why in the hell would anyone, husbands included, think managing the home life deserves the respect of equality?

Let’s keeping shooting ourselves in our own fucking foot.

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